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CAD Software


Our designers are proficient in a number of CAD packages, which enables us to choose the most efficient way to produce fit for purpose designs. Typically we use:

  • Tekla Structures -  3D steel structures, platforms, handrails, stairs 

  • Autodesk Inventor - 3D custom steel structures, mechanical

  • AutoCAD - 2D sketches & designs. Revising or upgrading existing 2D drawings

With all packages, our designers can create and store drawings electronically so that they can be viewed, printed, or programmed directly into CNC systems. 



Our experienced designers offer a fully engineered design service. We are particularly proficient in the design of access and egress solutions. As part of the process, we can produce quality, relevant design documents, including:

  • Concepts

  • General Arrangement, Elevations & Sections

  • Fabrication drawings & NC Data

  • Engineering Calculations & Certification

  • Material lists

  • As-Builts



Our design process is generally as follows;   

  • Define​ the problem

  • Collect information

  • Brainstorm & analyse ideas

  • Develop solutions / build a model

  • Present ideas for feedback

  • Improve design and finalise 

  • Produce fabrication drawings as per our steel detailing process



To ensure we maintain high quality standards, our designs;  

  • go through an extensive checking process

  • are subject to an ongoing collaborative review process with the client, to ensure the design is fit for purpose 

  • are backed by engineering calculations / certification if required

Our design work is based on our experience and knowledge of engineering and Australian Standard Codes, including;

  • AS 1428 - Design for Access & Mobility

  • AS 1657 - Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders

  • AS 4100 - Steel structures

  • AS 4600 - Cold-formed steel structures

Knowledge & Skills


Our designers possess skills & knowledge in the design process, fabrication processes, installation methods, engineering principles as well as 3D CAD modelling.

As part of the design process we can engage highly qualified and experienced engineers to take care of any engineering that maybe required to confirm structural strength, stiffness and stability.

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